The Mohawk Motel  Allways Free

Mohawk Motel

                              Get your Free stay

Free Motel stay
The Mohawk Motel, a place to get away from life for a while and do something diferent for a change.
A place to go for every guy that has ever wanted to try a Mohawk and get a free room.
You can live with a mohawk for a few days, then go back to your job with a new fresh shaved head.
All guys are welcome to stay free at the mohawk motel.          Check availability             

All Males over 18 will be required to get a Mohawk upon arrival and keep it for they entire stay.

If you have every wanted to try a Mohawk or a shaved head, then come stay with us for free.

The Mohawk Motel
Located in Willamina, OR
35 Minutes to the coast and to the capital city of Salem.


Located in Oregon, 1 1/2 hours from Portland Airport in a small logging town of Willamina


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